The sun and the moon…

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I often wonder would I like to live in more primitive times, to be an ancient as it were, the television would be the sky, the logs my corridors, there is an allure to that simple life but perhaps only if you hadn’t dipped that big toe into the now know, but I try to imagine what the sun and moon would mean not knowing the spin cycle that is the reason for their being in motion, sure, the celestial bodies are still a wonder, but imagine seeing these spheres magically appear and change over the course of a year, has the moon lost some luster ? has the sun lost some bright ?  doubtful… just tonight looking up at a cloudy sky, just one note color, but there, a fuzzy diffused bulb just hanging, close one eye and reach up with a hand circle spyglass, and you could almost touch the thing, even knowing in reality only a handful of humans have actually touched moona firma, and that was 50 years ago, half a lifetime these days, perhaps only a third of a lifetime just down the road, so is our wonder gone or just refocused ? does technology and knowledge disconnect  us?  I might imagine what it was like to be the guy (or gal) that figured out how to create fire on demand, the veritable steve jobs of their day, pimping Ifire, bigger Ifire, Ifire portable, but I imagine people got tired of Ifire when the only difference in Ifire 10 was charcoal briquettes, so I suppose, in all this prose, what I might be trying to say, it is all relative, all generations thought they knew the most, think of those that found all the coasts and what a revelation that was in those times, is the feeling the same now when we find a new exoplanet? or is it blase-faire ?  I often find myself sky gazing these days during the day and star gazing the night when the sun is away. and so I muse…

I find myself standing
among a forest of naked believers
limbs raised in praise
upwards to the heavens
vibrating in the breeze
so I may look there
and agree,
with no roots holding
may I ascend up into the stars
to continue this journey
into the celestial bounty

Music ? how about some space ambient… I listen to this stuff all the time…

Space Ambient Live Channel on Youtube


“Bah, love-bug”

statue church amor cupid
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Call me Ebenezer, or hey, just call me!  I am not a big fan of V-Day, the premise is fine, albeit contrived, but I think we should strive to celebrate life spontaneously (when the muse reminds your eye), especially us creative types, the masses (maybe not so much)?  I get it, but some of us follow blogs less traveled and thoughts quite more unraveled, maybe I am the problem ?  sure enough, guilty as shot by that uber bachelor cupid.


cupid’s bow
so quaint and narrow
chubby little fellow
seeks hearts o fallow
with one swipe
one strike
this unassuming cherubim
wink’s his eye
and with that
strikes down all of them

notes: just some simple thing I wrote just now in the moment, the point?  love conquers all (even cupid the seemingly ever-bachelor had psyche after all).  I have a more “cupid” oriented poem that I wrote a while ago (seems like ages but I still like it, so sue me, well, don’t sue me, we don’t need that, let’s not do that, thanks)

music… one of the most seductive songs I have ever heard, pump up the volume, the bass lends weight to the lines… listen to the lyrics, oh the damn lyrics.. man alive this makes me feel alive (and want to pick up one of my guitars and just get better expressing myself that way)

>>>>Minus the Bear – White Mystery

“snow shoes” …


tales in trails of movement frozen
upon this still locked land
tracks of rorschach
intersect and interpret the intent of ways
I have not seen them lately, this season
the jacks
the rabbits that usually inhabit
under bush and peaking tree
curiously absent,
but clearly laid out the path
and social gatherings
if I might read tracks
I might know where they are going
I imagine them bounding
stopping for thumping
should they draw into fear
I imagine their locked sudden eyes
constant scanning,
but as now the snow is melting into rain
the crackling of mixed precipitation
and the rabbits once more, like magic, disappear
in my plain sight
but at least I know they are here

branch cold freezing frost
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notes…. written monday during some lovely weather here in the garden state, one of those storms with a weird mix of snow/sleet.. and fun… so, remember to find beauty wherever you can, take a moment, stop and look for it (it’s there, go ahead), over the past couple of years I have noticed less and less jack-rabbits in my yard/property (it’s not an estate but I do have a small patch of woods behind the house), I also started seeing foxes in the neighborhood (which I have never seen here), I am not in a city but Edison is not exactly a wildlife preserve (for suburbia we do OK nature wise though), I have wondered if the rabbit population was being decimated by the foxes (who are super skittish by the way), I think the foxes are feasting more on domestic cats looking at the tracks on these snowy days (no cat tracks but I have seen cats around other times of year), just a side note, the first time you spot a fox it is a strange affair, at first glance you think “cat” but your mind says otherwise, on second guess you think “dog” but the size and gate is not quite right, and then you spy the tail, and the gig is up, or they look at you briefly before sneaking off and you catch those perfect bermuda ears…

my fave bunny videos:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Bunny Attack!

Summer School – Bunny Scene

perception (and the miracle of life)…

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I am trying to find a way, a reminder, some token to remind me every minute (or as much as possible) how incredibly miraculous life truly is, the amount of factors for life to develop (right at this exact moment) all these billions of years… take our planet on a purely scientific scale (I won’t get too heady, I promise), we don’t think about this everyday (or enough), we are right now (look at your feet) standing on rock islands floating on immensely insane amounts of magma that could torch us to cinder in a hot second, the crust of the planet, our “terra firma” is so incredibly thin, think of the Earth as an apple (whatever varietal strokes your fancy), the crust would be as deep as the skin of said apple (are you getting warmer yet?), furthermore our atmosphere (when viewed from space) is this little thin blue haze that barely extends out off the surface, add to that lucky potion the magnetic field that shields us just enough from the sun’s harmful radiation (but let’s in just enough to let life thrive), just for all those factors to collide and let me be present to type these words – in sheer amazement at the process of time and place, humbling, how do I hold this perspective ? or more surely, how do I apply this jolt, this feeling of almost infinite discovery of the miracle of everything, life itself, this draws me to understand why people wear crosses or other religious symbols, does that work? is the pendant around your neck or a tat’ enough? personally I am not religious in the religious affiliation sense, but I hold no grudge for my fellow travelers who are (I used to be that guy who thought he had all the answers and that those who believe were dumb, yeah, that was me), I am still looking for my personal ah-ha moment (not ‘take me on’), maybe I will never find the end of this path before I meet the end of this path, but! perspective, so much of our little corner of the galaxy (our city block in the country of the milky way if you will) is wrapped in such wonder that I might never wrap my head around it completely, but I know this… nothing we know of or probably will ever know of in our limited lifetime will ever account for all of “this”, I can only hope my foray into the mental exercise of perspective can help to remind me, every blade of grass, the look in my dog’s eyes, the touch of a loved one, the call of gulls as the surf rolls in and again, the stars carousel in the sky… this is a miracle, this life, always remember that as best you may in any times you may despair, think about the amount of things that had to happen just for you to be here, at this moment, truly an incredible miracle of reality.

If anyone has a good idea on how to remind myself or others (instead of just falling into daily routine)… all suggestions are appreciated! thanks.

music ?  damn it, I am going guilty pleasure here, I don’t know why I love this tune so much… it is catchy as hell, I dare ya to tell me otherwise…

Big Country – In a Big Country

Thoughts from the porch…

analysis blackboard board bubble
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(my musings from my porch when I take a moment to take in and notice the world, sometimes poems, sometimes free form, always me… this is a series ongoing)

photo of city during winter
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I wonder where my energy has run off to, just the comfort of a snug bed on a bitter cold day, have I been body snatched and replaced by the twin pair of lethargy and laziness? or are the two consorting for an offspring in my form, my thoughts are short these days much like the hours the sun is keeping shop, I wonder about correlation, or collaboration against my will (or perhaps the pull of unknown instinct), either way I seem steered to submission by the cold iron grip of invading artic mass, perhaps this was just the crash my soul needed after a long week of work, after all I had two long jaunts into the night, with my only reward a full six days on top, sort of an oppressive sundae where the cherry is a bloody burdensome spike, I am not meaning to complain, I could walk away of course (and surely that sounds nice in due course in written words more fantasy than a battle plan), I suppose then I am complaining yet pretending to not do so, how veritably clever and not so transparent, so who might notice this anyway, a love letter, a complain notice, a tangent pamphlet of thought, posted by a celestial peasant pitching ideas out from this pebble planet cast out upon the shore of our galaxy, maybe all the answers are out there (not too far from reach), I think about going to attain them, there is a little spark in there deep down somewhere…
but a comfy bed, curled up, the dog as ready to snooze as I, this seems like the best answer to everything, at the moment.

(so, I  close my eyes… lights dim… I drift off into dream)

some short takes for the weekend…

a couple of simpler works (or even unfinished), they can’t all be war and peace people!

bed bedroom blanket clean
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arriving home
end of day
i cast off
my belt, like a snake
slithers off the bed corner
onto the floor
with a clang
i kick off my shoes
and my heels exhale
free of their tombs
shed the daily shell

road in between grass field under grey sky
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riders on the storm
charged with electrical force
we feel their downpour cries
we hear their voices roar
for chariots on fire
masters of our sky
so onward must they ride
riders on the storm

(12.2.18) – and yes I was listening to the Doors @ the time (duh! lol)

white and brown trees on forest during daytime
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the long morning shadows
raise majesty in the mundane
winter sun reveals
as the world begs for more
(12.29.18) total writer comment, I loved second line when I wrote it, it felt like revelation

music ?  going with a classic, timeless in my mind

House of the Rising Sun – the Animals (sure, it is not their song but I think this is the definitive version for most people, I am always reminded of Casino every time I hear this as well)

another cold spell here, if I just hold my breath the vernal equinox will come, I’m quite sure, I’m quite sure, I think I can, I think I can, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, ruby red click – toto out!

Frankenstein (closer to the mark?)

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I was pondering some things (as I am known to do) and I never really thought of Frankenstein as a direct comment on our actual literal being, our actual existence, meaning we are basically these masses of flesh imbued with an electrical driving mechanism/nervous system (I am leaving out the metaphysical soul conversation, that is another topic entirely), but in essence we are frankenstein (or franniestein, or fran-stein, don’t want to be gender myopic these days as I might be carried off into the night to never be heard from again), we are this mass of cells co-opting a host from two separate  organisms ///THEN… something jolts us into the life we are now (engaged in blogging, not sure if the the big G had this in mind but I guess omniscience would have anticipated this endeavor), so that is thrust of this piece (which I wrote yesterday), or at least that is my claim, the flag I am planting willfully…

miracle monster

dr frankenstein.
was more right than I would like to know
electrical charge
transferred to this vessel
catching lightning in a birth canal

I imagine I see the pitchforks and torches
the rages – glowing in the distance
inevitably they will come
the outcome has been written
and surely will not be undone

music?  I couldn’t resist… (click here, just a corny song, cmon...)

note: for those unfamiliar with my blog (um, most of the planet…) I post things as they are, I do not torture myself over things and rewrite stuff, these are almost always first takes (I am just horrid about working on things and write in the moment – just my way, not a comment on other (awesome) writers, it is just not me). perfection is not my thing, because I am so far from it and life is way to short to obsess, maybe I am wrong, probably, but hey, I can only do my thing and steer this ship (even if into rocks).

hey! thoughts, comments and super hot chili recipes are all appreciated !!! thanks for the eyes.